Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Ode to Hairspray

What is an ode?

"An ode is typically a lyrical verse written in praise of, or dedicated to someone or something which captures the poet's interest or serves as an inspiration for the ode."-from the one and only Wikipedia

The ode that I am writing today will not be lyrical, however it will be full  praise for something that all girly girls use on a regular basis. My ode will be an ode to hairspray.

Hairspray is probably the hardest working beauty product in history. Hairspray is always putting in those extra hours at work. Hairspray never fails to hold your hair in place whether it be for prom, a beauty pageant, or just one of those days where you need a little curl in your life. Hairspray is always there in your hair's time of need. As my friend Emily Lewis says, "Hairspray is my hair's best friend."

I received my first bottle of hairspray as a gift this past Christmas. This was quite a relief for my friends because I had been constantly barging into their rooms and asking to borrow some. After that, I would just spray in a little bit, or a lot since my hair is so long, and happily go about my business for hours with my hairstyle intact. I did not have to worry about my curls falling out after only 20 minutes anymore. It was such a relief.

My first bottle of hairspray was from Suave.
You may be wondering what got me thinking about the outstanding skills of hairspray. Well, it is quite simple.

Tomorrow is August 4th. This is usually just another day of summer to be wasted away with sunbathing and relaxing. However, this August 4th is different. I have been looking forward to this day for a long time. On this day, we will get the chance to see hairspray at its best. Tomorrow is the premiere of the 4th season of Jersey Shore.

In this season you will get to see the cast find their way around Italy, beat each other up, AND use an extreme amount of hairspray. These people take pride in their hairstyles, and depend on the use of hairspray to keep it looking fantastic all night long. In the show, big hair and hairspray are a way of life.

Snooki showcasing her hairspray spraying talents.
The moral of the story is, hairspray is a product that you need in order to become a girly girl. If you want your hair to stay the way that you styled it, it is a need. I am a huge fan of hairspray and I will continue to sing its praises to girly girls everywhere. Plus, the Snooki poof that we all know and love would be nothing without it.


  1. Lol this is a cute post. We def love our hairspray aaand Jersey Shore!! :)

  2. Love this post! I've also been looking forward to the season premier too.. I saw them when I went to Karma nightclub two weeks ago.

  3. I recommend volume control for people with fine hair. This is a great blog. Its very important to have good hair control if you are going to be a "Girly Girl"

  4. i LOVE this!!!!