Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rock Your World Quesadillas

Part of me growing up and becoming a girly girl is learning to cook and take care of myself. So watch out! I am back in cooking action!

I promised that I would be making some quesadillas soon, and they are finally here. However, these are not your average, everyday quesadillas. These are Rock Your World Quesadillas.

My friend Brandon Coble and I have a goal to visit as many Hard Rock Cafes as we can. It is almost like a challenge to see how many of the restaurants we can conquer. We have been to one in Florida (Destin), one in Spain (Madrid), and one in France (Paris).

I first encountered these Rock Your World Quesadillas at the Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid, Spain when I was studying Spanish abroad. I have always loved quesadillas, but I was usually just a chicken and cheese kind of girl. After Brandon introduced me to the barbecue quesadillas that he makes (which are super yummy), I began to be more open to other options.

As I was reading the menu, these babies caught my eye. They sounded scrumptious and featured ingredients that I would never have thought would be included in a quesadilla. Feeling experimental, I quickly ordered them and dug in. They were so good! I left the restuarant very happy that I had found something new that I enjoyed. My world was rocked....

As you know, this summer my Momma and I have been trying to think of new recipes to cook. I suggested that we try to find the recipe for the quesadillas. I described them to her and we enlisted the help of Google. We typed in "recipes for quesadillas at the Hard Rock" and guess what we found? That's right, those scrumptious quesadillas. We got to work immediately.

flour tortillas
sprinkle cheese
grilled or boiled chicken breast
barbecue sauce
crushed pineapple
bacon bits

Step 1: Sprinkle the cheese over half of the tortilla. Then add chicken and pieces of pineapple. After this is done, it is time for the barbecue sauce and bacon bits. The amount of each ingredient is up to you. Go by your own taste preferences. 

Step 2: Spray the pan with cooking spray and place the quesadillas inside. Make as many quesadillas as you want.

Step 3: Stick them in the oven until they are golden brown.

When they are brown, get them out of the oven. Once they have cooled, get out your plate and get to eating. You can enjoy them alone, or add some extra sour cream or barbecue sauce for dipping. After the first bite, your world will start rocking. :)

Now, I have a question for all you readers and girly girls....Which Hard Rock Cafe do you think Brandon and I should conquer next?


  1. Thanks for the comment! It is a pink feather hair extension! I am loving it. :)

    Those quesadillas look sooo good! I have never tried pineapple I will have to try that! Have you ever tried corn tortillas? I like them because they have a more 'authentic' mexican taste. Either way they are yummy, yummy!!



  2. Mexican food is more my style!! I ♥ it :D