Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birds of a Feather

When I was young, I used to love to find bird feathers laying around the yard. Not only were they beautiful, but they were also used to soar above the clouds. The way birds fly has always intrigued me and made me a little jealous. Why wasn't I born with wings and feathers? I would like to give flying a shot.

I now have a chance to have my very own feathers. Unfortunately, they will not help me fly, but they will help me look very stylish.

Feathers are the new fashion accessory that has all the girly girls going crazy. We first caught a glimpse of this trend when celebrities began adding feather hair extensions to their luscious locks.

Ke$ha has a thing for feathers.
Selena Gomez and her trendy feathers.
After the paparazzi captured celebs rocking the feathers, the race was on among us normal folks to get our hands on the trend. Feather extensions have now sprung up in salons and hair care product stores everywhere. You can purchase the extensions in all different kinds of colors and styles. You can even purchase an extension to go with your many different outfits.

However, while the feather hair extensions are super trendy and stylish, I find myself loving the feather jewelry even more. I am very excited about the feather earrings and feather necklaces that have popped up in stores like Charming Charlie and Forever 21. You can choose a smaller, classier type of feather that could dress up elegant evening attire. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you can choose some colorful, over the top designs.

The good news is, the feathers will be loved by all of your girly friends, no matter what style you choose. Oh, and I also have some more good news. I know of a place where you can get your own custom made feather hair extensions and earrings.. (Don't worry, you can thank me for this information later).

My friend Amanda Sowards is super knowledgeable in the ways of being girly, and is the writer of a blog called Stiletto Confessionals. In her blog she writes about everything girly, from what hair supplies to use to how to pick out the perfect outfit.

Amanda is in the feather making business and is currently holding a feather sale through her blog. She is selling clip on hair extensions and changeable earrings that she made herself. All of her designs are very stylish and I assure you that you will love them. If you are interested in seeing her designs  or purchasing some feathers from her, click here. This link will take you to her feather sale page where she has displayed her designs and prices. I am super excited that she is making these feathers and I plan on purchasing a pair of earrings myself.

Now get your girly girl self in gear, get to her blog, and buy you some beautiful feathers.


  1. AWESOME! Thanks for giving me a shout out!!

  2. I love the feather extensions! I think that they are such a fun trend!!

    I'd love for you to check out our new blog:

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