Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tax Free is The Life For Me

Notebooks, clothes, computers....the list of things that students need for the new school year goes on and on. The price can really rack up. Shopping for school supplies can put a hurting on your wallet.

Luckily, this weekend is tax free weekend in the state of North Carolina. If you are willing to brave the lines, the amount of money that you would usually spend on all the things your child needs for school will drop drastically.

 Here is a list of items that the tax free weekend applies to:
- school supplies, clothing, and footwear under $100
-computers under $3,500
-equipment for computers under $250
-sports and recreation equipment under $50

This weekend is the perfect time for those big purchases that you have been putting off, like the new laptop or furniture for your college student's apartment. My brother, Andrew Kidd, is going to have an apartment at Elon University this year. Yesterday he went out shopping for anything he thought he might need. He came back with all kinds of goodies, but his favorite purchase of the day was his Mario Kart comforter. This was our favorite video game when we were little.

The ladies are going to love this.
Tax free weekend can also benefit those of us that do not need to purchase school supplies. For girly girls and fashion divas, it is the perfect chance to go shopping for new outfits. It gives us an excuse to shop without feeling guilty about spending too much money. We can always just say "Well it is tax free weekend, so I'm not spending as much." So do not miss this opportunity to get your retail therapy on; you will be kicking yourself in the foot if you do. Get out there and get to some tax free shopping!

ps- If any of you with money would like to buy my broke self this beautiful dress from Dillards on this lovely tax free weekend, I would be a really happy camper :)


  1. i wish we had a taxfree weekend in california lol :(


  2. Wow! We've never heard of Taxfree weekend! Lucky! Hey we want to follow you and read more of your stuff, we like how you write!
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    We're a new independent label and just started our blog! Would love it if you could check us out sometime! Does California get anymore other tax free days?!! x