Thursday, March 31, 2011

What it means to be a girly girl in Tokyo : Guest Post by Shea Flood

Hey girls! For those of you who do not know me my name is Shea Flood and I write a blog all about Tokyo, "Guide to Tokyo." I know most of you are probably thinking well what does that have to do with being a girly girl? Actually, to answer that question, a lot. The fashion over in Tokyo is absolutely incredible and I feel like Erin's blog "Becoming a Girly Girl" is a perfect choice to write about it on so thanks again Erin!

First of all, all ladies of Tokyo are always dressed to impress. Not once did I see a woman in sweats. Majority of the women wore skirts, even in the cold weather! ( I visited early January) However, they always paired their skirts with knee high  fur boots, a collared shirt, and a cute peacoat.

Makeup is always very light unless you're headed to Harajuku then everything is different and more drastic.  Harajuku is insane fashion. High heels, gothic to preppy drag outfits, and loads of makeup. Fashion is looked at as art in that distric. Usually though, asian have such flawless skin because they keep their complexion looking very natural so they shy away from the caked look.

In the United States we mostly see Asian women rock the straight haired look but in Tokyo mostly all of the woman have their hair in lose curls giving it a very flowly look.

So, put the outfit with the hair and little makeup then pair that with a designer purse and you've got the look of a fabulous woman in Tokyo!

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