Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Goddess Braid: Inspired by Lauren Conrad

Do you remember LC from Laguna Beach? Or maybe you followed Lauren's journey into the fashion world on The Hills? Well LC, better known now as Lauren Conrad, has transformed herself into a fashion icon. Her clothes, hair, and makeup are all trends to follow.

I'm loving this dress
 She also has her very own book called Style. I only know this because Zandi loves her, and returned from Christmas break with a copy of the book.

The book is full of tips on everything girly, from makeup to outfit choices. However, one of the styles that Lauren is most known for is the way she braids her hair. It is called the Goddess Braid. Zandi and I followed the steps that are listed in the book to make me look like a girly goddess.

The first thing to remember is that bobby pins are your friend. Every girly girl needs a stash of them close by, because they are handy in almost every type of hairstyle. In this case, the bobby pins complete the look.

Step 1: Section off your hair, leaving the amount of hair you want to braid down and put the rest up.
these pictures are not exactly flattering
Step 2: Start with about an inch of the hair you have left down. Break this inch of hair into 3 smaller sections.

Step 3: Begin the French braid. Cross the 3 sections over each other.

I need some highlights asap
Step 4: This is the part where you add in the rest of the hair that you left down. Each time you go to cross, add more hair in. Add more hair from the right, then cross over the center section. Add more hair from the left, then cross over the center section. Braid this way about 3 times, then continue to braid the rest of the hair with a normal braid.

This step was the hardest, and Zandi had to assist me. She assured me that I had nothing to be ashamed of. The French braiding part is difficult and will take some serious practice for anyone who has never tried it before.

Step 5: Take the rest of your hair down, and use bobby pins to secure the braid to the rest of your hair.

Congratulations! You are now a goddess!!

Or at least you have a goddess braid....

Remember, practice makes perfect. Zandi had to carefully lead me through all the steps the first time, and will probably have to help me again next time. But, keep working at it, and everyone will be goddesses/girly girls before they know it!

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  1. I love the goddess braid. My coworkers make fun of how often it's my go-to hairstyle. ;)