Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Line It Up

Eyeliner can be scary. A pencil moving slowly around your eye, just one wrong move and you have managed to poke yourself again, causing pain and suffering.

Until recently, eyeliner and I have never really gotten along. I refused to put it on myself and whenever one of my friends tried to help me, they just ended up with me complaining that it tickled.

However, I was always fascinated by the stuff and how it made my friend's eyes look when they were wearing it. I had just settled that it was not for me, and counted my blessings for having one less makeup item to purchase.

The first time I ever wore full blown eyeliner was when I had a girl's night out and let Zandi work her magic. I was really excited with the drastic difference it made.

First time I wore eyeliner :), ignore Lisa in the background
After this night, I often asked my friends to help me put eyeliner on before we went out. I only wore it for nights out or special occasions, and I still didn't buy my own.

Luckily, during my junior year of college, my best friend Emily saved the day by giving me some eyeliner. Her mom had stocked up, and she had so many sticks that she didn't know what to do with them. So she decided to help out her makeup challenged friend.

oh hey Emily, miss you :)
I was very excited and I instantly began experimenting and asking Emily and Zandi for pointers. I even broke down and purchased some eyeliner of my own after the one Emily gave me ran out.

Now, I am not claiming to be an eyeliner pro, I am anything but that. However, I am getting a lot better at applying it. If you don't believe me, ask Zandi. She says she is proud of my progress.

just practicing
I have even experimented with blue eyeliner that came in a special Covergirl pack made especially for girls with blue eyes. I once thought that black eyeliner was the only way to go, but the blue looks quite nice. My current eyeliner is Maybelline line stylist. It seems to work very well for me and is easy to apply.

I am continuing to practice applying eyeliner, and sometimes I even wake up and put it on for class. I guess that is the girly girl coming out in me. Girly Girls line it up!!

Stay tuned, because next week is when I take on my challenge......hmmmm what could it be?

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