Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rain Looks Good on You

If you have looked outside the past few days, you have seen one thing and one thing only: RAIN

It was pouring.

It was raining cats and dogs.

Or in the words of my sophomore year roommate Lisa Easter "It's a monsoon!"

This week Mother Nature decided to change it up a little as she let the rain fall. It certainly was a change from the hot, dry weather that we have been experiencing all summer. It was a very nice change, and it gave girly girls everywhere the chance to break out some adorable rain gear. Gone are the days where a giant umbrella that you borrowed from your mom and a pair of tennis shoes are your only rain attire options. Rain gear has reached new levels of cute, classy, and girly.

My favorite rain gear accessory is rain boots. The first person that I ever saw wearing rain boots was my good friend Hannah Thomas. They were green with floral designs. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I had to have a pair. 

Hannah and her rain boots.
Rain boots are the thing to have in women's rain fashion. They keep your feet warm and dry. They also come in handy in the snow and winter is right around the corner. 

Making a snow angel

My boots came from Target. If you are searching for rain boots, this is the store that you need. They have a huge selection of  boots online. I love all of the patterns and colors that they offer. I have my eye on these babies now. 

A small umbrella is another must have rain accessory. An umbrella with a beautiful design that fits in your purse...what girly girl would turn that down?

Finally, the accessory that brings the whole outfit together is the rain jacket. The jacket can be whatever color or style you want, depending on your personality. Hannah has an adorably cute yellow rain jacket that I just love, and my momma has a blue one that I borrow whenever possible. I had a purple rain jacket that my Nana gave me for Christmas. It was perfect for rain or snow. Unfortunately, somewhere between graduating and moving home, it disappeared from my closet.

Luckily, I am a great online window shopper and I have already picked out what rain jacket needs to be added to my wardrobe. Check it out here. I am not sure what color I want, but I am leaning towards purple or blue. I think that this jacket would be a great addition to my rain attire, I just have to save up some money to buy it.

The sun came back out today. It has been hiding and letting the rain do its thing. However, next time the rain comes back out to play, it will not ruin any of you girly girls' day. (yeah, I just rhymed). I know that you will all be prepared with your boots, umbrellas, and jackets. Come on now, I can't be the only one who enjoys playing in the rain. 

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