Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh So Charming

Today I have something to share with all of you girly girls out there. It is a store that I have come across this summer. It is called Charming Charlie.

Being the broke, unemployed, college graduate that I am, I don't get to go out shopping very often. I only make exceptions when one of my friends wants to go. In these cases, I will tag along because I am an excellent window shopper. I like to look at all the clothes that I could have, if I had the money to purchase them.

On this particular occasion, my friend Katie Parham wanted to do some shopping in Greensboro and asked me to go along. I agreed to join in on the shopping trip because I had a little bit of money from graduation. So we hopped in the car with her momma and headed out.

During the car ride, they told me we were going to a store that I would love. They told me it was a girl's dream. Naturally, I became very excited. I had been told about this store before by my friend Nicole Harper, but I had never seen it for myself. I could barely contain my excitement when we pulled into Friendly Center and located the store.

Let me tell you ladies, this is the store for girly girls. It has dresses, headbands, watches, jewelry, shoes and any other kind of accessory you could dream of. The best part about the store is that everything is arranged by color. So, if your favorite color is pink, you can just head on over to the pink section to check it out.

I was amazed at all the different colors and accessories. I could probably spend hours in the store, just looking at everything. You can check out the store at Do not be discouraged by their lack of pictures, the store is amazing, I promise. I didn't make any purchases on that shopping day because I was too overwhelmed and could not decide what I wanted. But, next time I head to Greensboro, I am planning a stop. 

PS- please take a look at these new shoes by Chanel. They are flaslights, how crazy is that? Would you wear flashlight shoes?

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