Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adventures in Pasta Making

Girly Girls need to know how to cook.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying that the women should be doing all the cooking in the household, in fact I am a firm believer in equally splitting all of the household chores. However cooking is an essential part of growing up and taking care of yourself. Let's face it, without food girly girls everywhere would be too tired to go shopping.

In an attempt to grow up and learn more girly things, I have decided that I want to learn to cook a little this summer. Hence, the adventure in pasta making began.

My brother, Andrew Kidd, is a junior at Elon University. We love visiting Andrew at school because we love him and miss him....or maybe it is just because the school has amazing food!  Anyway, on one of these missions to enjoy the Elon cafeteria my momma and I enjoyed some wonderful pasta. Ever since, we have wanted to cook up this pasta ourselves. We tried it over Christmas and it came out wonderfully, but my momma did most of the work. This time, Andrew and I decided to do all the cooking.

I was in charge of chopping up the peppers and onions to mix in the Ragu sauce that we bought to pour on top of our pasta.
I think they look pretty good if I don't say so myself.
 I became a fan of Ragu on my spring break trip to Destin, Florida when Jenn Layton cooked us some scrumptious spaghetti using the sauce. Ragu is some very yummy stuff.

Andrew was in charge of boiling the noodles. He decided that he needed a little extra protection in order to complete his job, so he broke out his chemistry goggles.

Never a dull moment when he is around.
After chopping and boiling, we threw the peppers and onions into the pan to soften them up a bit.

look at that chopping job
When they were ready, we added the Ragu, sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top and then BAM! we had everything we needed to make some super yummy pasta. And I now introduce to you the final product of our adventure in pasta cooking...

looks pretty good huh?
The pasta turned out very nicely, and we had enough left over to eat on for a few days. This was especially helpful when we got home from the tobacco field and needed something to eat.

Now, that we have conquered the pasta making, we have been contemplating other types of food that we could learn to make. We have been thinking about quesadillas, but there is no guarantee. You girly girls will have to stay tuned to find out.

Oh and besides making pasta, I did learn one other valuable lesson from this adventure: The worst part of cooking, is cleaning up afterward.

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