Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hair Dying: Randolph County Style

Dark roots plague every girly girl that highlights her hair. When the roots begin to show, it is always a sign that it is time to hand out the big bucks to get your hair highlighted again.

Last year, when those darn dark roots began to show, my cousin Katelyn Kidd suggested that I let her dye my hair instead of paying to have it highlighted.

Being the broke college student that I was, I decided that the experiment was worth it. We headed off to Target and bought the color, and after the second try (the first time we didn't like the color), we had successfully gotten rid of those roots.

When I arrived home this summer, my roots were bothering me again. Katelyn, being the hair stylist that she is, said that it was time for another dye job. So I headed over to Kerr Drug to pick out just the right blonde for me. I ended up choosing a very light blonde from L'Oreal. I would highly recommend using this brand. Although it is a little bit more pricey than other hair dyes, it definitely got the job done.

When I showed up at Katelyn's house to get to work, she informed me that instead of the tub, we were going to do the hair dying in the yard. Being the trusting cousin that I am, I headed outside and Katelyn got to work.

You can call me a redneck if you want
About halfway through the first bottle of dye, Katelyn decided that because my hair was so long, we were going to need another bottle. So what did we do?

We grabbed my aunt Lisa, who could not stop laughing, and headed back to Kerr Drug for another box. I need to add that  the dye from the first box was still in my hair. I was too embarrassed to go inside the store, so Lisa went in for us and picked up the color. Then we headed back to the house to complete the transformation. The moral of this part of the story is, when dying long hair always purchase 2 bottles of dye, you will need them.

Upon arrival back at the house, we applied the other bottle of dye, left it in my hair for the appropriate 40 minutes, and then promptly rinsed out my hair with the garden hose. After this, Katelyn sent me inside to condition and dry my hair.

Now I know what you are thinking, this redneck dye job could not have possibly turned out well right? Wrong! I love the way the color turned out, and I have been getting compliments on it from people all over the community. However, all the credit should really go to Katelyn. I believe she should start charging for her hair dying services. Check out my root-free hair!

AND that is how you dye your hair, Randolph County style :)

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  1. Lmao that great, that something i would do ..