Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Tomboy Side of Life

I have never been a girly girl. Instead I was the tomboyish, I would rather play sports than learn anything about makeup kind of girl. I did take a year or two of dance classes where my hair had to be curled, but I was only 7 so my momma took care of making me pretty.
I totally rocked those pigtails and braces
 My life always revolved around sports. I began playing t-ball at the age of 5 and then moved on to softball and basketball. I was not concerned with my hair or my looks. During the games, my hair would be up in a ponytail or in some type of pigtails that my momma fashioned for me. After the games, my hair would either be down….or still up in a ponytail/pigtails. 

In high school, I played softball, basketball, and was a member of the marching band. All activities that only required a ponytail. At one point, I was playing for 3 different softball teams, so the idea of looking pretty meant I had the latest trend in socks, bats, or sunglasses. Along with a very attractive tan line.

You know you are loving my tie-dye socks

The first time I wore makeup was my senior year in high school. I went out bowling with some friends and I wanted to try something new. By new, I mean a little bit of eye shadow. 

Then, I got to college.....

My first semester in college, there was always somewhere to go or someone to see. It became almost a requirement to look your best at all times, especially when people brought cameras to parties. Luckily, I have been blessed with roommates that know their way around hair straighteners, curlers, make-up, and clothes. They are always the ones that put me together, and I am forever grateful to them.
My first roomie doing my hair

However, it is almost time for me to enter the "real world." I will graduate college soon and will have no roommate/suitemate to pick out my clothes, help me do my make-up and style my hair. I am going to have to learn to do these things on my own. It will soon be time for me to get a big girl job and to fend for myself.

This blog will hopefully follow my transformation into a Girly Girl. I am going to get my suitemate, the wonderful Zandi Watts, to teach me everything she knows.
I love you Zandi Watts :)
By the end of this blog, I hope that I can style my own hair, put together my own outfits, and choose what color eye shadow I need to match those outfits. The ultimate goal is to be able to get up in the morning, and put myself together from head to toe without any help from anyone. It is going to be an here we go.


  1. love the pretty layout, erin! <3

  2. i love you so much. i'm happy that we could document your last semester at catawba on this blog. can't wait!

  3. This is a cute idea Erin! I need to learn a thing or two about styling myself as well haha. Have fun!

  4. Oo I'm excited for all the different looks you're gonna learn. I know you'll look beautiful! Maybe you'll be able to teach me a few things by the end. =]

  5. loved it girl....can't wait to read more posts.

  6. Awwww Erin this is going to be such a fun blog!! I know that Zandi will definately help you out and I look forward to maybe being a part of it too!! :]

  7. Erin I love the blog and I look forward to watching this progress. Who knows maybe I could learn a thing or two myself... lol. Just kidding. Great job Erin!